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Here we go again

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I've flirted with the idea of creating a blog many times over. I've started, developed, and posted before. But I've never followed through with what I was hoping to do.

I've made my excuses: no one is looking or what is even the point. I don't even like the content I'm making. Everything I did felt so detached and disingenuous. I felt

like I had so much that I needed to talk about and share, but I had no idea what that was.

As it turns out the problem is that I didn't know myself, at all. I thought I did. I thought about myself really hard and constructed this narrative about who I was and what my values were. But It was all a lie. A lie I didn't know I was telling. However I could see it in my words and I hated them for it.

I'm back this time with a new understanding about myself. As it turns out, I'm transgender. Which is something that I now feel should have been painfully obvious to me. But there will be much more about that later.

For now at least I feel like I can finally take ownership over my words. They feel like mine. My voice, while underdeveloped, is finally going in the right direction.

So now that things finally coming out on my terms... here we go again.

My name is Quinn, I'm a transgender woman, and I'm super excited to talk sex toys, kink, and whatever the fuck I want. I hope I can build something here and elsewhere that will be of value to myself, and if I'm lucky,

with you.

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